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EU members from France to Greece vote in EU polls

SHOTLIST PARIS, FRANCE. 26 MAY, 2019SOURCE : AFPTV -CU "MAIRIE DE PARIS / 2nd ARRONDISSEMENT / BUREAU DE VOTE N°2"-PAN ZOOM OUT from the ballot box to the voting booths-CU of the voting envelopes in the ballot box BERLIN, GERMANYMAY 26, 2019SOURCE: AFPTV-Pan left man arriving at polling station -Wide shot men behind polling booths -Zoom in man voting MADRID, SPAINMAY 26, 2019SOURCE: AFPTV- Mid shot people entering the polling station to vote -Wide shot member of staff organising the ballot papers -Wide shot woman voting MILAN, ITALY. 26 MAY 2019SOURCE: AFPTV- MS of the entrance to the polling station- CU of the electoral list VIENNA, AUSTRIA. 26 MAY 2019SOURCE: AFPTV- MS of two election officials sticking information posters to the door of a high school in Vienna being used as polling station - CU of a man and woman entering to vote BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. 26 MAY 2019SOURCE: AFPTV- WS of a citizen leaving a voting booth- MS of a Belgian citizen voting STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN. 26 MAY 2019 SOURCE: AFPTV - MS of people voting in polling booths - MS of a man voting in a polling station in Stockholm- CU on the ballot being placed in the box LISBON, PORTUGALMAY 26, 2019SOURCE: AFPTV-Close-up European elections sign -Mid shot people waiting to vote ATHENS, GREECE. 26 MAY 2019SOURCE: AFPTV- MS of a man consulting the electoral lists- WS of two women arriving to vote BUDAPEST, HUNGARYMAY 26, 2019SOURCE: AFPTV-Wide shot woman going out of the voting booth then voting WARSAW, POLAND. 26 MAY 2019SOURCE: AFPTV-PAN voter casts ballot NICOSIA, Cyprus. 26 May 2019SOURCE AFPTV-Voter enter polling station-Voter comes out of booth and casts vote ///------------------------------------------------------ AFP TEXT STORY European voters set stage for battle for EU's soul Brussels (Belgium) - 26 May 2019 Europeans headed to the polls in their tens of millions Sunday as 21 countries chose their champions in a battle between the nationalist right and pro-EU forces to chart a course for the union. Well let's take him at his word: On May 26, we'll challenge him in the voting booth," Le Pen told a rally on Friday.



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