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Migrant issue looms large on 'weary' Samos for Greek elections

SHOTLIST SAMOS, GREECEJUNE 18, 2019SOURCE: AFPTV 1. Wide shot town of Samos 2. Wide shot boy on fishing boat 3. Wide shot refugee camp 4. Mid shot family restoring platform with stones following heavy rainfall 5. SOUNDBITE 1 - Ioannis Kaltakis, lawyer (male, Modern Greek, 19 sec): "Generally, the people of Samos are not hostile towards these people [migrants]. They are hostile towards the government and that is what the government will pay [in the upcoming elections] as it could not safeguard the borders better, resulting in all these people coming across." 6. Cutaway: Wide shot children carrying stones 7. Cutaway: Wide shot woman from Afghanistan 8. SOUNDBITE 2 - Manolis, pensioner (male, Modern Greek, 15 sec): "Everything will play a role, not only the migration issue. The migration issue and the economic policy the government exercised lately. They are not communists, they are fake communists." 9. Cutaway: Wide shot young migrants from Afghanistan fishing 10. Cutaway: Mid shot migrants on a square, pigeons flying away SAMOS, GREECEJUNE 19, 2019SOURCE: AFPTV 11. Wide shot old men sitting at coffee shop at Mitilini village 12. SOUNDBITE 3 - Dimitris Karlovasitis, retired construction worker (male, Modern Greek, 18 sec): "They all fool each other. They said they would do something and they did nothing. Who should I vote for? The first guy or the second [Referring to Tsipras and Mitsotakis]. They are the same. They ate and took everything together." SAMOS, GREECE JUNE 18, 2019 JUNE 19, 2019 SOURCE: AFPTV 13. Cutaway: Wide shot migrants walking, flags of Greece and EU in the background 14. Cutaway: Wide shot FRONTEX ship docked at the harbour 15. Cutaway: Wide shot family of Syrians, sunset in the background



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