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Elusive giant python finds shelter in spirit shrine at Chinese temple in Thailand

A large python was caught after hiding in a shrine at a Chinese temple in Thailand. The 16-foot-long snake slithered inside a 'spirit house' at the building in Chonburi on July 22. Caretaker Kajorn Pohsri, 67, heard dogs barking then found the reptile coiled up among the offerings to the gods. He said: "I heard a bark and found this snake staring at my dog, it escaped from me and hid in a spirit house after I tried to catch it. "I was afraid that somebody who came to pray might get hurt." Rescue worker Chatri Chatmontricaught the reptile in a sack to be released back into the wild. He said: "There has been a lot of rain lately which brings the snakes out. It is dangerous trying to catch the snakes by yourself, I suggest you should call for help."
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