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"Bored Golden Retriever Plays with Pong Pong Ball"

"We all know that dogs can get so excited when playing games like 'fetch', but even canines have mood swings sometimes. For example, this Golden Retriever looks so bored to play with his ping pong ball. And his owner is aware of that, but he still continues the game. Dogs are easily entertained just as a three-year-old toddler is always amused by 'peek-a-boo' game. You'll be surprised by the fact that some dogs act so human alike. Just as 'Bailey' the famous internet Golden Retriever. The latest photos of Bailey doing human things include car-wash in a bikini, playing poker, reading books, etc. There are big chances that your kids or nephews have already seen Bailey and we can't blame them. Who can resist Retrievers' charm? The dog in this video looks so bored and tired, but he still plays 'fetch' with his owner. That's what real friends are for, right?"




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