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"Cute Dog Finds His Owner Hiding in a Huge Pile of Leaves"

"Some dogs are born hunters, and they can be absolutely amazing in what they do. Give them a task to find someone or something, and they won’t stop until they’ve completed it! With their unparalleled sense of smell, stamina, and fearlessness they just can’t fail. If you have never seen a dog in a hunting action, you absolutely have to watch this hilarious video! In the beginning, this video shows a small dog running around a backyard when a woman asks “where’s Daddy?” as he looks at her. Say no more! Her wish to find Daddy is this little dog’s command! He runs across the backyard jumping like an antelope! LOL! He is absolutely hilarious! Then he digs into a huge pile of leaves in front of him. This hilarious dog dives into the pile of leaves and completely disappears in it! How funny is he? But wait, I can hear a man laughing! Gotcha! He’s found his owner hiding in the pile of leaves! Too funny!"




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