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Dog Embarrassed When Owner Catches Her Twerking

Dogs are such adorable animals! If you love dogs and all those funny things they do amuse you, this video will make laugh for sure! In the beginning of this funny video, you can see a black dog lying on the floor. Her name is Chloe and she’s a real dancing queen. You just have to check out her moves! This cute black pooch is rolling on her back while her owners are giving her support. Go Chloe, go Chloe! Don’t be embarrassed! This cute dog is doing her own version of twerking, while lying on her back and it’s the best thing I have ever seen! LOL! OMG, a twerking dog, how crazy is that? She is so talented! Her owners must be really proud of her! One thing’s for sure, dogs can never cease to amaze you! And you can never get bored if there’s a dog in the house! Too funny for words if you ask me!


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