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Gorilla youngster astonishingly dodges electric fence

This gorilla youngster is just amazing. He managed to get through the other side of the electric fence that separates the window and their enclosure just to say hello to the visitors. He moves further down between the fence and the window and starts to contemplate how to get back to the other side of the electric fence to the rest of the group. First he smells the fence careful so he won't touch it with his nose. Now watch him closely, it's just amazing and funny at the same time. He tries to judge the electric fence gap by rocking on his feet and judging with his hands. Rooting for him to make it through to the other site without him getting zapped. Another gorilla comes over to have a look. Wonder what he's thinking. Not feeling to comfortable with getting through the wire gaps, he moves on to another part of the fence and tries again by sticking his arm through the wire gap - judging again. And then relief, happiness, he's done it! He did it like a pro without touching the wire. What a star!




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