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Great Dane puppy meets family dog for the first time

Raven is an eight week old Great Dane puppy who has just arrived at the home of her new family. She is being introduced to River, the two year old dog who already lives with her new family. River has been a wonderful pet, and a well loved family member, but being young herself, she is eager for another dog to play with. It's no surprise that she was so happy to meet Raven. After a short period of watching each other from a distance, both pups seemed eager to have a close look and a big sniff. River walked up confidently and the two looked at each other for a moment. Raven stood wide eyed, looking at the bigger dog and seemed unsure of what to do. Suddenly, River sprinted playfully over to a spot on the grass where she spun around and lay down. Recognized as an invitation to come and play, Raven stared and then began to bounce excitedly over to take part in the game. River is a very gentle dog who completely understands that Raven will be easily intimidated. She lay down and playfully moved about, wagging her tail and being friendly. After a few minutes of bouncing back and forth, River decided she needed a bathroom break and she wandered over to the trees for some privacy. Raven leaped and bounced around her, clumsily falling over in the long grass. Great Danes have large paws and long legs and they cannot keep their balance when they are so young. Raven struggled to stay on her feet, but she rolls and trips constantly. River patiently sniffs for a spot while wagging her tail, waiting for her moment of privacy. After taking care of business in the trees, River returns to the lawn where they have been playing. She spins around excitedly and invites Raven to play some more. After a little while, River teaches Raven how fun it is to play with a stick. She found a branch and teases Raven before running off, hoping Raven will chase her. Raven has been raised by a wonderful and knowledgeable breeder who has taken great care of her and her siblings. She has carefully selected the homes that will be perfect for each of her dogs. This is a very important part of breeding responsibly and seeking breeders who interview and screen their clients well is essential to avoiding unethical breeders. Raven has found her forever home with a loving family who will give her all that she needs to be a happy and healthy dog. River found this family when she was brought to an emergency veterinary clinic with serious health issues. Her first owners loved her dearly but she was diagnosed with a complicated heart issue and immune deficiencies. She was almost euthanized because her care was going to be costly and almost impossible to manage. A last second decision was made to have River placed in this home, with a veterinarian and a veterinary assistant who could make sure she received the care that would keep her alive. Raven and River are fast becoming best friends. Raven will soon be much larger than River and it is hoped that she will be as gentle and loving as River is.


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