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Puppy Plays Tug of War With Cow

Tug of war is such a fun game to play! But did you know that this game is actually not exclusive to people? Animals can excel in rope pulling games as well! How funny is that? If you don’t believe me that animals are such great tug of war players, you just have to take a moment to check out this hilarious video! As the video begins, you can see a cute dog and a cow having fun on a farm. An adorable puppy is pulling on a rope tied to a steer cow in such way that it looks a lot like they are playing tug of war. How weird is that? And the funniest part is the fact the cow doesn’t seem to mind the little doggy’s efforts at all! She just can’t be bothered while the adorable doggy is trying his best to beat her. Not gonna happen! Absolutely hilarious!


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