20 years old and 35 inches tall

Miniature man Nick Smith, 20, from Jefferson, Georgia, USA, stands at just 35 inches tall - even though both his brothers are a whopping 6ft 5ins. He is one of only a handful of people worldwide - around 100 individuals - with a rare genetic condition called primordial dwarfism. Nick is the size of a three year old, weighing less than two stone. Primordial dwarves have life expectancies in their early 20's and many suffer life-threatening brain aneurysms. Nick has already undergone surgery to repair one aneurysm when he was 18, and last year he was found to be suffering from a second one. Nick's devoted mother Shelly is only too aware that her beloved son may not have many years ahead of him and is determined to make sure Nick lives as normal a life as possible and enjoys every day they have left to the fullest.

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