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Brave diver sticks hand just metres away from rare Mako shark

A brave filmer submerged his hand in the water just metres away from one of the rarest and fastest sharks in the world. Dave Krug captured the moment a Mako shark started biting the propellors on his boat off the Eastern Cape in South Africa. But he does so by carelessly thrusting his hand into the water just metres away from the shark – one of the fastest in the animal kingdom. Mako sharks are capable of travelling in bursts of 18 metres a second and are a vulnerable species. Krug writes: "When I held my GoPro in my hand right in front of its mouth, teasing it to come closer and closer, I did not know that they are among the fastest sharks. "One quick move with the tail and it would have my whole arm in its mouth. "The skipper did tell me that I didn't seem to care much about my arm, but I was just not so well read on Makos." The footage was filmed in July 2014.



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