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Check out this crazy UFO footage over Kiawah Island in Charleston!

Here is the information provided by Debra Thomson: "It was about 9:33pm EST of the coast of Charleston SC. I have an unobstructed view in all directions. Earlier in the evening I put a light up Christmas tree on outside light up. I went outside to unplug it when I noticed this beautiful red sphere in the sky. I knew it was not Venus, it was in the North West Sky. It was moving toward my direction and also seemed intelligently in control. I felt as if it knew I was film it. It moved around a bit and disappeared into a pin hole, then it reappeared back to its same size in a few minutes. With the naked eye it was much more brilliant to see. I called the local airport they saw nothing on radar plus in case you think this, No, no weather balloons. Plus it's Christmas Eve. It was dead silent. It disappeared again. As if it shrunk to a pinhole. then I saw it a bit later into a head wind that was going North west. But it was very far away at this point."



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