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Chinese man jumps into pond regardless of backache to rescue drowning teens

A heroic man jumped into a pond regardless of his backache to rescue three drowning teens in eastern China. The video, shot in Cao County in Shandong Province on May 24, shows two girls and a boy playing on the stones in a pond at Huandao Park and one girl suddenly slipped over into the water. The two other teens tried to help the drowning girl but both of them fell into the pond. Since no one on the shore could swim, they did not know how to help the three drowning teens. A man was then seen swimming towards the teens from the bottom right corner in the clip and pushed three teens up onto a boat one-by-one. While two kind-hearted people on the boat helped pull them back to safety. According to reports, the heroic man named Liu Jiliang just went to hospital because of backache before he saw the incident and jumped into the water to rescue the drowning teens.
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