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Election officials die from exhaustion in Indonesian Presidential elections

Up to 14 election officials are reported to have died during the voting process in Indonesia on April 17. 800,000 polling stations were set up for 190 million registered voters which exceeded an 80 per cent turn out across the tropical archipelago. The officials were reported to have died from exhaustion, illness and from accidents while securing the results for the national and local elections. Acts of violence against some 15 officers have been reported as well as 223 election officers hospitalized due to illness. Footage shot on April 17 shows how complicated the voting and counting process was for these elections. Voters were tasked with choosing candidates for positions from the President and parliamentary national positions, right down to the parliamentary locals. One local resident tells reporters: "I came to the polling station at 8 am and until now it has been 3 hours yet to vote. Maybe because there are a lot of voters and there will be a lot of votes," The election results are expected between April 25 - May 22. However President Joko Widodo has already claimed victory after citing unofficial quick count results. His opponent Prabowo Subianto is also claiming victory based on the quick count results which could lead the way towards a legal battle or a recount.
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