Range Rover VS Biker Gang - NYC Road Rage [FULL]

Here's Video of a Violent High-Speed Motorcycle Chase in New York City Feel like watching a six-minute video of a motorcycle gang chasing a black SUV through New York City before the gang surrounds the car and smashes in its windows? Sure you do. Yesterday afternoon, for reason's that aren't clear, a large motorcycle gang surrounded a black Range Rover on New York City's West Side Highway, forcing the SUV to stop. The SUV's driver, who was reportedly traveling with his wife and five-year-old daughter, runs over two of the bikes and speeds off. The bikes give chase — one of the motorcyclist's helmet cam captures the entire chase — and follow the Range Rover as it eventually exits into Manhattan. At a stoplight, the gang again attempts to get to the driver, pulling open his door, before the SUV drives away. The gang catches up to the SUV at another stoplight, at which point one rider takes off his helmet and smashes in the Range Rover's passenger window. Then the camera cuts off. The New York Daily News spoke to an NYPD spokesman, who confirmed the chase and said the bikers beat the SUV's driver and slashed his face. The man was treated at a nearby hospital for his injuries and release. Police say they're still investigating the incident.

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