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Rescue dog with mysterious past has plastic bucket as favorite toy

Camille is a dog with a past that will always be a mystery. She has a forever home and a loving family now, but the story of her early years will never be told. Her new start began when she showed up at the home of a kind rancher. She was an obvious stray and she was undernourished and covered with fleas. She was weak and underweight. She tried to befriend the dogs on the ranch and to fit in and share the food available, but the pack there would not accept her. Not wanting to turn her away, the rancher put Camille in a crate and kept her safe and well fed, but she didn't have her freedom. Camille was not living the life that she deserved. Jennifer and Jim, owners of Black Dog Farm and Rescue (Texas) agreed to take this beautiful, but sad dog from the rancher so that she would have a chance at a proper life. The crate was not an acceptable plan for long term and nobody wanted to let her loose to fend for herself. Black Dog Farm was her only chance. She was originally named Mia, and the story of how she arrived at the ranch with her ribs showing would never be understood. She may have been abandoned, or she may have become lost, but in the days following, it was clear that nobody was looking for her. Dogs like this often have a tragic history that involves rejection or abuse from the very hands that they love and trust unconditionally. Camille (Mia) was a shepherd Malinois cross, which can be a difficult breed for a family environment. Without proper socialization and training at an early age, they can develop aggressive tendencies. Boredom can cause separation anxiety and chewing. They aren't always an easy mix to find a home for. But Camille was exceedingly loving and friendly. At Black Dog Farm, Camille learned some manners and she received some training along with some excellent veterinary care. She was spayed, dewormed, microchipped, and given vaccines. Among all of this TLC, she was also given playtime and stimulation. She soon became a very happy pup with a love for playing with her toys. Her favorite toy is a plastic bucket that she carries around proudly. New visitors were greeted by Camille and her bucket and she made such a display of how she could carry it and fetch it. She was obviously very proud of this bucket. She found a forever home with a family who gave her even more love, along with the name, Camille. One of her humans is a piano teacher and Camille enjoys lying in the room while lessons are conducted. She will often sing along with the music. She fits in beautifully with people who will love her unconditionally, as she deserves. Only Camille knows the horrors that she faced in the weeks or months leading up to her arrival at the ranch, but she will never need to look back. And Camille also has a new pink bucket to carry around and show off. Black Dog Farm and Rescue began with Faline, a black pit bull who brought as much love as she was given. Jennifer and Jim, the creators of Black Dog Farm and Rescue were inspired to do more for the beautiful souls who also need help. They opened their sanctuary in Texas and began doing what seemed impossible. They heal the broken animals and care for the most desperate cases, giving them the chance that they deserve. Black Dog Farm can be found on Facebook. They do amazing work, which is only possible with the support of friends, family and other animal lovers. Please check out their page and consider helping them do the work that these little creatures so richly deserve.



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