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Stray Labrador who was left for dead after being 'used as dog fighting bait' finally gets a loving home

Heartbreaking images show the injuries of a stray Labrador who was left for dead after being "used as bait” for dog fights and “abused” by humans. The dog, who has since been named Connie by the vets caring for her, was discovered with horrific injuries by a member of the public in Sherdley Park, St Helens, Merseyside, on 22 September. After being rushed to White Cross Vets, Connie underwent emergency surgery to disinfect and close her gaping wounds, which are thought to have been inflicted by other dogs as she was used as “bait” for “dog fighting practice”. Whilst examining her, the vets discovered that the yellow Labrador, who wasn’t microchipped and is thought to have been stolen, had also suffered injuries consistent with being abused by humans, including bruised kidneys. “Connie was in a serious condition when she was brought to us by a member of the public”, Catherine Morley, White Cross Vets Clinic director said. “We don’t know what she has been through in the past, but thanks to a huge team effort from our staff, the dog wardens at St Helens Borough Council and North West Labrador Rescue she has a much brighter future ahead of her. "All the staff have fallen in love with Connie and we’re all so pleased that she’s coming through the other side of this terrible ordeal.” The dog’s surgery was predominantly funded by the White Cross clinic's care fund, whose staff gave up days off and weekends to care for Connie unpaid. North West Labrador Rescue and St Helens Borough Council’s Dog Welfare and Enforcement Team, also stepped in to pay part of the bill and ensure the precious pooch received the vital treatment. After making a good recovery the vets placed Connie into a loving local foster home earlier this month, with her new owner Jennifer, who is following the steps to formally adopt the lovable pooch. A spokesperson from White Cross Vet added: "On Friday 1st October Connie went to her new foster home with Jennifer and we are receiving daily updates. “She is now in a lovely, caring home and has a warm bed to sleep on, plenty of toys to play with and a foster mum and dad who adore her.” Two weeks after moving into her new home the vets shared a snap of Connie paying a visit to the surgery. “Connie will continue to come to us to receive treatment which means we still get to see her and have cuddles! “We are so happy with her progress and would like to thank all our amazing staff, Labrador Rescue and her new foster carers. “Connie can now have a happy future filled with love and happiness. Thank you to Labrador rescue and Jennifer for our lovely gifts. We love them.” One social media user commented on the vet’s post: “This breaks my heart. So glad that she will have a happy ending. How anyone can inflict pain on a poor defenceless animal is beyond me. “To be entertained by animals fighting shows a severe lack of intelligence and psychopathic tendencies. Real bottom of the pile type of human (s).” Another person added: “Those injuries look like bite marks, as if she’s been used as a bait dog. “So glad this tragic, but familiar story will have a happy ending….” One commenter wrote: “Beautiful beautiful Connie. Thank you to everyone who has nursed her back to health. “Those gorgeous eyes. They must hold so many bad memories. You have given her love. She will now have all that she deserves. I would love her forever.”



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