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Best garden furniture 2020: the best garden and patio furniture to make the most of your garden this summer

T3 logo T3 26/03/2020 Ryan King
a chair sitting in front of a brick wall: Best garden furniture best patio furniture © Provided by T3 Best garden furniture best patio furniture

Looking for the best garden furniture for your self isolation social distancing retreat? We have just what you need. If you’re blessed with a nice patch of grass in your home to use in the summer, for god's sake don’t waste it by laying out a towel and thinking that will do. You can spice up your summer garden with a whole range of furniture, from the cheap and cheerful to the luxurious and impressive. Speaking of which…

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Even something as ridiculous as your own hot tub isn’t as expensive (or difficult to set up) as you might think but you don’t have to extended your budget that far anyway. By spending your money smartly and wisely, you can buy a whole host of items that will make your garden look like it’s been given a costly makeover by a Channel 4 mid-day home renovation special. Here are our picks for the best garden furniture money can buy.

Garden furniture is selling out fast

You may find some of our favourite garden furniture products – and anything else you can cram into a garden right now – are selling out. Not surprising, really. If you find a product we've recommended that isn't available via the provided retail link, try these fine retailers. They'll sort you out.

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Best garden furniture to buy today

a wooden table © Provided by T3


The budget-friendly sun lounger for your garden

Great value for money
Quite long so perfect for tall people
Not waterproof
Takes time to assemble

There are two things that immediately stand out about Deuba’s beefy sun lounger. First, it’s the most search-friendly name for any garden furniture that we’ve ever seen, presumably stopping short of finding a way to crowbar “fast and furious download ed sheeran free album” in its name. Secondly, and more importantly, this sun lounger is great value for money. It comes in a flatpack so you’ll have to build it yourself but even if you have sausage fingers and the hand-to-eye co-ordination of a miserable drunk, you’ll still manage to assemble a sun lounger of surprisingly quality. It’s not waterproof, so you’ll need to buy a cover for it, but you’ll struggle to find a cheaper, better way to start fleshing out your garden furniture.

a close up of a chair © Provided by T3


Add a touch of luxury and class to your garden

Looks luxurious
As close as you’ll get to starring in your own rap video
Not waterproof
They don’t sell ‘replacement’ cushions

Look at it. Just look at it. One look at the Miadomodo Rattan Sun Lounger is all you need to realise that you’re not just buying something to protect you from the fiery ball of death in the sky. No, this thing looks like it’s been shipped in from a DJ Khaled video, such is the level of luxury and class and sophistication. That’s reflected in its price-tag and it needs a cover to protect it from British weather (a problem DJ Khaled never had in his sunny Miami climes). But first impressions count in all walks of life and this is the perfect centre-piece for your garden. Bring guests over, mention mumble something about “oh, we’ll make do” if they asked about seating in your garden, then hit them with this. You can even split the sun lounger into four separate seats. Drinking Prosecco in the sun doesn’t get much classier (or closer to home) than this.

a chair sitting in front of a window: John Lewis St Ives 4 Seater Garden Modular Lounging Tables / Chairs Set © Provided by T3 John Lewis St Ives 4 Seater Garden Modular Lounging Tables / Chairs Set

3. John Lewis St Ives 4 Seater Garden Modular Lounging Tables / Chairs Set

Lounge with a book, enjoy a coffee or sip on a glass of wine, what you use this luxury garden furniture for is up to you

Type: Lounging | Material: Eucalyptus wood | Colour: Natural

Includes a coffee table/footstool, two corner seats and two matching lounging chairs 

The light eucalyptus wood of this set looks naturally rustic and weather worn, making it a great character piece for any garden or decking area. Whether you’re putting your feet up with a book or using the footstool as a coffee table, this versatile set of furniture can be arranged to suit whichever purpose you want to use it for. Eucalyptus is naturally moisture resistant and durable, so you only need to remember to take in the cushions when the weather turns.  

a stool in front of a table: Garden Trading St Mawes Bar Table With Drinks Cooler © Provided by T3 Garden Trading St Mawes Bar Table With Drinks Cooler

4. Garden Trading St Mawes Bar Table With Drinks Cooler

What’s better than a garden high table? One with a drink’s cooler in the middle of it

Type: Bar table | Material: Teak | Colour: Natural

Made from highly weather resistant teak 

If you buy this bar table with drinks cooler, you’re going to have to resolve yourself to the fact that it’ll be your place every comes to to socialise this summer. Strong, durable and rot resistant, teak is the best wood for garden furniture. It also ages very well, so your outside bar will only get more attractive as the years go buy. Accompanying the sturdy table and the wicker topped chairs is a central drinks cooler, so you can forget having to go the fridge every time you need another cold one.  

a view of a cage: Rowlinson Dartmouth Arbour © Provided by T3 Rowlinson Dartmouth Arbour

5. Rowlinson Dartmouth Arbour

Create the perfect cosy corner with this Arbour Swing Seat

Type: Arbour | Material: Wood and metal | Colour: Natural

Traditional design 

If you have the gardens to house it, this arbour won’t fail to impress. Pop it in a cosy corner or at the bottom of your garden as a retreat to get away from it all (the kids) or sit and wile away a couple of hours with a book and a cup of coffee. Thanks to the apex roof, it provides some well needed shade on hot days and you can choose to grow climbing plants through the trellis, which along its natural weathering will give it that charmed ‘claimed by nature’ look.  

a wooden bench sitting in a chair: La Redoute Interieurs Aurette Sun Lounger © Provided by T3 La Redoute Interieurs Aurette Sun Lounger

6. La Redoute Interieurs Aurette Sun Lounger

Avoid the You’ve Been Framed sun lounger fold up scenario with this one from La Redoute

Type: Sun lounger | Material: Acacia wood and PVC coated polyester | Colour: Grey

Fold away for easy storage 

Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying the sunshine after work, with its four recliner positions you can catch forty winks or get back into your book. The acacia wood is resistant to dampness and insects, while the PVC coated polyester is water resistant so you can forget the horrible feeling of settling back into a damp cushion after a few laps of the pool. The chair folds up for easy storage, so make sure you pop it away when the bad weather sets in and give it a coat of oil before it comes out again for next summer to maintain its appearance. 

a close up of an umbrella: Barlow Tyrie Napoli Telescopic Rectangular Parasol © Provided by T3 Barlow Tyrie Napoli Telescopic Rectangular Parasol

7. Barlow Tyrie Napoli Telescopic Rectangular Parasol

A parasol is a garden necessity, so make it a good one

Type: Parasol | Material: Eucalyptus wood and acrylic | Colour: Grey, cream and natural

Comes with a storage cover to keep it clean 

There are so many flimsy parasols out there, ones where, with just one gust of wind, they’ve made a bid for freedom and you have to chase them down to the other end of the garden. This very elegant looking parasole from Barlow features a sturdy base that should anchor is firmly to the ground. The eucalyptus frame is hard wearing and durable while the acrylic umbrella is light and elegantly shaped and it comes with a storage cover to keep it protected while it’s in the shed for winter.  

a chair sitting in front of a window: Best garden furniture best patio furniture © Provided by T3 Best garden furniture best patio furniture

8. Cox & Cox Palermo Dining Set

Bring the mediterranean to your back garden with this dining set

Type: Dining set | Material: Acacia wood, faux wicker, glass | Colour: Grey, natural

Acacia and fake wicker suitable for leaving outside all year round 

Stylish and practical, this dining set ticks plenty of boxes. Wooden dining sets can be large and bulky but this one manages to remain elegant and well proportioned, perfect for gardens of all sizes. It’s overall appearance has been inspired by the mediterranean al fresco lifestyle but the materials have been carefully chosen to withstand the classic British summer. The acacia frame is durable and weather resistant, while the fake wicker adds a touch of charm and character. 

a wooden table: Amazonas Globo Royal Garden Hanging Chair © Provided by T3 Amazonas Globo Royal Garden Hanging Chair

9. Amazonas Globo Royal Garden Hanging Chair

The two of your can chill out on this spacious swing seat

Type: Hanging chair | Material: Spruce wood, stainless steel | Colour: Terracotta, Green, Anthracite, Taupe or Cream

Six colours to choose from 

If you’re looking for something a little bit quirky and a little bit different, this hanging chair will certainly stand out. There’s enough space for two people to sit and relax or you can completely lounge out and swing yourself to sleep. If you like the idea of hanging the seat from the tree in your back garden you can, and if you don’t happen to have a suitable tree in your back garden you can use the unique stand. The chair comes with plush cushioning and is available in a range of colours to suit your individual taste.  

Rowlinson Bike Shed © Provided by T3 Rowlinson Bike Shed

10. Rowlinson Bike Shed

Stuff spilling out the garage? Buy a bike shed

Type: Bike shed | Material: Timber and felt | Colour: Honey Brown

Space for two bikes plus garden tools 

If you’re fed up of battling with bikes and other bits and bobs to get your car out of the garage in the morning, the solution lies in this bike shed from Rowlinson. It’s made from a weatherproof wood and felt so your bikes will be protected from the elements. The shed also comes with a lock system, so you know they’ll be safe from potential lurkers. It features double doors for easy access and the Honey Brown finish means it’ll never look out of place.  

a close up of a building: Garden Trading Log Store © Provided by T3 Garden Trading Log Store

11. Garden Trading Log Store

Season your wood with this log store

Type: Log store | Material: Spruce wood | Colour: Natural

Robust and weatherproof 

If you’ve ever tried to burn unseasoned wood in your log burner, you’ll notice a sticky black tar on the glass. So whether you’re seasoning your own wood or storing the wood you ordered from a local company, this log store will keep them dry and ready to burn when the colder evenings set in. It’s stylish in appearance and is made from robust, weatherproof wood so it’ll last for years to come.  

a close up of a window © Provided by T3


This gazebo will protect your garden party from the elements

Easy to set up
Fully waterproof
Velcro sides and roof feel a bit cheap
Can be tricky to disassemble

Here’s your first line of defence for those unexpected (cough) days in the British summertime when the rainclouds turn up to ruin your BBQ plans. This pop-up garden gazebo measures three metres by three metres, giving it ample room inside to host guests and some furniture, and it takes roughly 15 minutes to set up. It’s sturdy as well, so it can stand up to strong gusts of wind as well as downpours of rain. Although at this point you’d have to ask yourself why you’re persisting with a social gathering in the garden. What will it take for you to abandon your gazebo and move the brunch indoors? Three feet of snow? Flash floods? Tornado warnings?

a piece of luggage sitting on top of a suitcase © Provided by T3


If you want to pimp your garden, what better way to do it than this massive hot tub?

Very well made
Competitive price
Takes a while to heat up
Big packaging means awkward to store when not used

When you think of Hawaii, you probably think of hula dancers, colourful leis, and bright blue air jet hot tubs. Lay-Z-Spa can’t deliver the first two to your back garden in Romford but it’s definitely come through with the hot tub. Big enough for four adults and six at a push, this hot tub holds 840 litres of water, which it heats up to 40 degrees. It takes a while to get there but it’s well worth the wait, as you can drink beers/Prosecco/milk (delete as appropriate) in your hot tub and feel like you’re bringing a slice of tropical high life to your garden.

a couple of lawn chairs sitting on top of a picnic table © Provided by T3


The most relaxing garden furniture you can get

Very easy to assemble
Well thought out design
Adjustable roof, curved so rain doesn’t collect 
Not a particularly summery colour
Not as fun for tall people who can’t swing their legs

This is as relaxing as summer gets, unless you happen to have two trees in your back garden in close enough vicinity to tie up a hammock (you don’t). This swing chair is perfect summer furniture for your garden because you sit in in, you gently bob back and forth, and that’s it. Just slowly cook in the sweltering heat, sipping on your cold drink, using the adjustable roof to block out the sun as it passes overhead. We’re not too sure about the colour, with Outsunny plumping for a deep, dark miserable techno colour scheme rather than something bright and summery, but on the upside it does look classy and sophisticated.

15. Kettler Palma Mini Corner Set

From down time to dinner time, this corner set is the perfect garden addition

Best for: Lounging and dining | Dimensions: H220xW200cm | Material: Rattan | Colour: Whitewash or rattan

Keep outside all year round
Comfortable cushions
Will take up a fair amount of space

The only thing better than a corner sofa is a corner sofa dining set. Whether you’re relaxing with your feet up during the day or have the extended family round for a BBQ in the evening, this day to evening corner set will ensure sunbathing times and meal times are sorted. Available in both rattan or whitewash, this stylish weatherproof dining set is suitable for leaving outside all year round.

a close up of a brick building: Hokku Designs Pearl Daybed © Provided by T3 Hokku Designs Pearl Daybed

16. Hokku Designs Pearl Daybed

The perfect place to sunbathe, sleep, or read

Best for: A comfortable day bed | Dimensions: H250xW220xD150cm | Material: Poly rattan, Aluminium, Polyester | Colour: Grey or nature

Relax in the shade or lie in the sun
Needs to be put together

While it looks more like a plant bulb than a pearl, this cosy looking garden cubby is the ideal spot to sit back with your current page turner. Spacious enough for 4 or 5 of you, this day bed is guaranteed to be a hit when the girls come round for a glass of wine, and paired with the wine trolley we're featuring later in the list, it's a no brainer that your house will be the go-to for end of the week get together. Weather resistant, you can keep it outside all year round, too, which is handy when it takes a fair amount of putting together. 

Pyramid Living Flame Patio Heater © Provided by T3 Pyramid Living Flame Patio Heater

17. Pyramid Living Flame Patio Heater

A reliable, easy to control heat source for evenings in the garden

Best for: Staying warm | Dimensions: H221xW52xD52cm | Material: Stainless steel | Colour: Silver

Keep warm on cold nights
Adjustable heat settings
Gas is an additional expense

It almost goes without saying that a patio heater is an essential if you're looking to make the most out of summer evenings… unless you're happy to park a couple of faithful jumpers in your drawer for when the temperature drops. While not as authentic as a chimenea, a patio heater is a reliable and, in this case, stylish way to keep warm. Thanks to its powerful 9500w output, this patio heater won't fail to keep you all warm if it happens to be a chilly night. 

a sofa in a living room: John Lewis Ariel Sofa © Provided by T3 John Lewis Ariel Sofa

18. John Lewis Ariel Sofa

A garden sofa with a stylish edge

Best for: Stylish | Dimensions: H70xW176xD71cm | Material: Eucalyptus and polyester | Colour: Cream and neutral

Part of a wider range of garden furniture
Stylish and practical
 Table not included 

If our rattan dining selection is too formal, and our day bed too informal, the solution lies with this stylish sofa from John Lewis. Featuring a quick drying, water resistance eucalyptus rope frame and comfortable padded cushioning, this is outdoor sofa will provide the perfect spot to wind down with a cup of tea or a glass of wine after a long day at work. If you're looking to harmonise your outside space, chairs and daybeds are also available from the Ariel range. 

Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair © Provided by T3 Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair

19. Indoor Outdoor Hanging Chair

Gently swing yourself to sleep in this outdoor hanging chair

Best for: A stylish retreat | Dimensions: H185xW110xD130cm | Material: Steel, PU and Polyester | Colour: Cream and rattan

Swing or standing
Easy to put together and take apart
Must be taken inside for the winter

When there's that one spot in the garden that you know will make the perfect retreat, we have just the thing to fill it. This hard wearing yet elegantly stylish rattan effect hanging chair is designed to be the perfect accompaniment to a good book and a glass of wine, and, most attractively, it swings just a little to provide ultimate relaxation. It comes with a steel, rust resistant stand, and, you can choose to put some legs on the chair if you wish for it to remain firmly on the ground. While weather resistant to an extent, it’s worth knowing that it's easy to take apart and store for the winter. 

a bed in a room: Giardino Large Glass Dining Table Cube Set © Provided by T3 Giardino Large Glass Dining Table Cube Set

20. Giardino Large Glass Dining Table Cube Set

Neat, compact, but large enough to fit the family, this is the ideal garden dining set

Best for: Family gatherings | Dimensions: H74xW182xD120cm | Material: Aluminium, rattan and glass | Colour: Brown and cream

Includes 6 chairs
Also includes a cover for the winter months
Still requires a fair amount of space

If you know that you and your family are going to make a concerted effort to sit outside this summer, go out all guns blazing by investing in this statement six seater outside dining table. Featuring a steel frame, rattan body, glass top, 6 chairs, 4 stools, an umbrella and a winter cover, this outdoor dining table may tug on the purse strings but you do receive an awful lot for your money. With the chairs sliding neatly underneath the table when not in use, it keeps a uniform appearance that won't make your garden appear out of sorts. 

Weber Master-Touch © Provided by T3 Weber Master-Touch

21. Weber Master-Touch

BBQ, stir fry or even griddle with this BBQ/outside cooker

Best for: Summer BBQs | Dimensions: H109xW63xD74cm | Material: Porcelain enamel, plated steel | Colour: Bronze, silver and black

Compatible with a range of cooking tools
Features a One Touch cleaning system
 Doesn’t include a cover 

Any outside living space isn’t complete without a trusty BBQ, and while it’s tempting to invest in an easy to cook on gas barbeque, many people would argue that you can’t beat the slightly smoky charred flavour of cooking on coals. This BBQ is, as the name suggests, masterful at becoming your outside cooker, with the potential for you to use a number of accessories including a wok, griddle or sear grate in addition to the traditional grill. With a temperature gauge and a one touch cleaning system, this stylish BBQ is a garden must-have.

a close up of a chair: Safavieh Hoult Drink Trolley © Provided by T3 Safavieh Hoult Drink Trolley

22. Safavieh Hoult Drink Trolley

A stylish drinks station for your summer parties

Best for: Parties or as a display piece | Dimensions: H87.12xW64xD87cm | Material: Acacia wood and stainless steel | Colour: Brown or grey

Bottle rack
Two shelves
Spillages must be wiped immediately to prevent staining

Whether it’s your dedicated wine trolley or a quirky place to display your plant pots, this stylish acacia wood drinks trolley is handy for a multitude of purposes. Featuring a rack to support wine bottles and two shelves to organise clean and dirty drinks glasses, this is the perfect addition for any party. Although stylish, you’ll need to store it in a dry place once finished and you’ll need to be mindful of spills - red wine spillages, particularly, will need to be wiped off as soon as they happen. 


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