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Eerie drone footage shows how nature has reclaimed a once war-torn Filipino city

Haunting drone footage has captured the abandoned Marawi City in the southern Philippines that has since been reclaimed by nature after a brutal battle in 2017. The capital of the Lanao del Sur province in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region was devasted by airstrikes and urban warfare after militants connected with the Islamic State group overran the city. "The battle of Mawari" lasted from May 23, 2017, to October 23 the same year resulting in President Duterte declaring martial law on the whole island which is still in effect to this day. Mawari is now abandoned but a military base remains to prevent further attacks and reentry of the Islamic state. The filmer said: "At first I was sad, but later on I was amazed when I see the vegetation from the top view of the ruined city. "It’s amazing how nature turned over the entire city, there were wild fruits and veggies everywhere." The footage was captured on June 21.
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