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Heartbreaking moment pet dog tries to wake up her dead friend

This is the heartbreaking moment a grieving dog tried to wake up her best friend while she was being buried. The brown Aspin dog named Hoo-tang saw her ten-year-old pal covered in linen as she lay at the bottom of the hold in Samut Sakhon, central Thailand. The beloved pet, Boon-ma, had died of old age the day before and her family buried her in the garden. But two-year-old Hoo-tang was unaware that her companion and ''best friend'' had passed away and pawed at the side of the grave to try and dig her out. Footage shows how the devastated dog desperately pawed the body and tried to make her wake up again. Even after the earth had been laid over the pooch, Hoo-tang continued to try and dig her friend out of the hole. Pet owner Jitsamorn Senaj, 40, said she and her family burst into tears when they saw what the loyal dog was doing to try and reach the body. Jitsamorn decided to tell him to stop as the two-year-old was seen constantly clawing the grave even at the last minute of the burial. She said that Hoo-tang had been close to Boon-maa hole life and even stayed closed to her after she collapsed and died. The owner said: ''She was found dead in the early morning and Hoo-tang was barking, pawing, and removing the blanket from her body. She was trying very hard to wake her up all the time.'' ''Even though Boon-maa was much older, they liked to run around and were very close. She must be devastated.'' ''While we were burying the older dog, Boon-maa was trying to dig her out and bring her back to life.''
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