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Hello World: Tree Kangaroo's Tiny Head Peeps Out From Mum's Pouch

Zookeepers celebrated in September when their newest tree kangaroo bub popped its head out of mum’s pouch for the first time, having a peek at the world around it at Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria.Mum Mani and dad Bagam were successfully paired in 2016, and the tiny, jellybean-sized joey was discovered inside Mani’s pouch earlier this year.After six months staying warm and cosy inside the pouch, the little one peeped his head out in September to say hello. Zookeepers said the joey will venture out more and more over the coming months as it learns more from mum and dad.Tree kangaroos live in the wild in rainforests across Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and far north Queensland, but all populations are in decline. The tree kangaroo family at Healesville Sanctuary are part of Zoos Victoria’s efforts to fight against extinction. Credit: Healesville Sanctuary / Zoos Victoria via Storyful
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