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US kayaker rescues osprey from certain death in Virginia river

A kayaker rescued an osprey from drowning in James River, Virginia. The footage, captured on September 2, shows the kayaker encountering an osprey struggling and floundering in the water. ‘’I noticed something bobbing in the water near a buoy that sits about a quarter mile out in the water from the launch ramp. I thought it was a log floating, but as we approached the buoy we saw the osprey,’’ the man said. ‘’He attempted to fly a few times but couldn't and as we got even closer he used both outstretched wings as though they were arms trying to grab and climb onto the buoy, but the ledge was too high.’’ As the kayaker approaches the distressed osprey, the bird steps onto one of his paddles. Later on, the man can be seen lifting the osprey and put it onto a buoy nearby. ‘’As we paddled away the osprey was shaking water from its wings and seemed relieved to be out of the water and onto the dry buoy. We continued our trip down river knowing we had done all we could for him. I'm certain we saved his life,’’ said the kayaker.
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