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Netflix Has Had Its Fill of Insatiable After Two Seasons logo 4 days ago Halle Kiefer
Debby Ryan wearing a hat: Tina Rowden/Netflix © Tina Rowden/Netflix Tina Rowden/Netflix

Netflix is officially stuffed to the gills when it comes to Insatiable, and not even unbuttoning their jeans or putting on their loosest pair of sweatpants is going to free up any room. According to Variety, the streamlining platform has canceled the Lauren Gussis comedy after two seasons. As Variety points out, series co-star Alyssa Milano had previously responded to a fan’s February 4 inquiry about a potential third season, saying, “We will not be coming back, sadly.”

The show, which stars Debby Ryan, initially provoked a backlash when it premiered in August 2018, as critics of the show felt the lead’s “formerly overweight high school student turns hot, thin pageant queen hell-bent on revenge” story line constituted fat shaming. Also, there was that fat suit. As Jen Chaney wrote in her Vulture review of the series, ”Insatiable is an equal-opportunity train wreck.” Others, however, were intrigued by the dark comedy’s campy irreverence, even when dealing with sensitive topics. Either way, one thing’s for sure: it is now canceled.



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