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People are not impressed with Matt Damon’s Irish accent in latest film 17/02/2017 Hannah Moran

Matt Damon attempts an Irish accent in The Great Wall Matt Damon attempts an Irish accent in The Great Wall Matt Damon’s Irish accent attempt in his latest film has left some fans scratching their heads.

The place of origin of the character William, whom Matt plays in the new release The Great Wall, isn’t specified.

However, fans and film reviewers alike are in agreement that the strange accent he has put on has a definite Irish feel to it, but not in a good way…

© Provided by Associated News Year-in year-out Irish film fans are left irked at the attempts of Hollywood’s elite actors and actresses in sounding Irish.

Earlier this season, English actress Sienna Miller was slated for her accent attempt in mobster film Live By Night.

Now, Matt Damon’s warrior in the new action film has left a lot of people wondering if he’s trying to replicate an Irish-ish accent.

Take a look for yourself…

The lilt he puts on some of his words surely does seem reminiscent of the ‘diddly-ay’ ‘Irish accents’ we’ve hear for years in films.

After seeing the film for themselves, viewers took to Twitter to discuss the Irish/Scottish type of accent Matt tried to pull off.

Do you agree?

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