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Watch: Putin meets with Khabib and father to celebrate UFC 229 win logo 11/10/2018 Patrick Lynch
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Russian president Vladimir Putin met with compatriot Khabib Nurmagomedov to congratulate him on his convincing UFC 229 victory over Conor McGregor.

Putin rang the 27-0 fighter in the moments after his triumph so as to express his gratitude for the stirring performance that he delivered.

Many believe that the result was overshadowed by Khabib’s actions after the fight in which he started an all-out brawl with McGregor’s posse having leapt from the octagon.

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In Wednesday’s meeting, Putin did not go as far as to accept the fighter’s reaction but he did implore Abdulmanap – his father – to go easy on him.

‘Congratulations on the victory,’ Putin said. ‘I would like to thank your father for raising such a great fighter.

‘We’ve been watching you closely and rooting for you. I’m going to ask your father to cut you some slack because what matters most is that you fought like a fighter and won. You won decisively and with dignity.’

‘We all understand that it was a provocation and I’m sure your father understands that too. That it was done to provoke you and use it against you in the fight.

Putin went on to refer to all of Russia as ‘a family’ and he explained why it is important not to react to provocation from rivals as Khabib did.

‘I believe that all of us in our country are one big family and no matter what happens, we need to try to avoid rashness like charging someone regardless of what’s going on.

‘Anything can happen in a family but we never allow ourselves to cross the line. Of course, if someone attacks us from the outside then all of us – not just you – can charge them and there could be hell to pay. But it’s best to avoid such course of action. I wish you continued success in your career.’


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