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Cows become extremely demanding for love and affection

Fiona and Flossey are two of the most affectionate cows you could ever imagine. They live on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario, where the owners believe that cows deserve respect and proper treatment. They have acres of lush, green meadow to graze on, ponds full of fresh water to drink, and some forested area at the edge of their meadows. The herd wanders freely over the farm and they are watched carefully from the farmhouse that sits on the hill above. This is life as it should be for these gentle creatures and it is as close to what nature intended as possible. The farmers speak of ethically raised beef, explaining that there will never be veal raised here, there will never be excessive drugs, herd health and happiness is more important than maximizing profit, and there is no need for cruelty and stress on a farm. Dave has become friendly with these farmers, and with the herd of wonderful cows, after he accidentally stumbled upon a mother in distress last year. Her baby had squeezed through the fence while she was giving birth and "Flo" needed a little help getting her calf back. Since that time, Dave has been invited to wander among the cows in the meadow when he likes. The farmers treat their cows with respect and affection and the cows actually love the attention. But Dave has taken things a step further. He has been bringing them corn and rubbing their heads. These already trusting and affectionate cows have become so accustomed to being petted that they actually show jealousy and frustration if the love and affection doesn't come their way fast enough. For Flossey and Fiona, there just isn't enough to go around. Dave literally has his hands full trying to keep them happy!
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