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Texas man saves dying puppy born and left out in the cold and rain

Texas man Lester Morrow found his dog had given birth to several of her pups outdoors, with one being bitten by fire ants and left in the cold putting it at risk of dying. With the pup being rejected by its mother from the teat, Morrow had to take matters into his own hands on May 2, 2018, by feeding the pup from a straw and keeping it warm. Eventually the puppy pulled through and was welcomed back by his mother and is reportedly "grown and doing great now." He was adopted to a forever home after turning eight-weeks-old. Morrow runs the Ima Survivor Sanctuary in Cleveland, Texas that was founded following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey to home many of the animals affected by the storm. The Sanctuary is an ongoing non-profit effort to care for donkeys and other animals. He posts regular content from the Sanctuary on his Instagram @imasurvivorsanctuary as well as on his Facebook channel for the Ima Survivor Sanctuary.
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