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Swimmer photo bombs beautiful encounter with whale shark

This whale shark is feeding in an area off the coast of Mexico near Isla Mujeres. The sharks congregate here due to the meeting of two major ocean currents which cause and up-swell that brings food to the surface. These gentle giants feed on krill, fish eggs, plankton, and tiny fish. They are filter feeders and they are completely harmless to humans. They are one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures on the planet, reaching a length of 55 feet and an incredible weight of almost 100,000lbs. (18m, 45,000kg). Scuba divers and snorkelers travel from all over the world to swim with these magnificent animals. A close encounter with such a giant os an unforgettable experience. These two Canadians have journeyed to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and then they took a private charter to an area in the open ocean off the island of Isla Mujeres. Their goal is to take in the beauty and majesty of a few whale sharks and capture photographs and videos. They take their business seriously and they have come equipped with several video cameras and a large dive camera.
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