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2018 BMW 630d GT review, test drive

Autocar India logo Autocar India 14-09-2018 Jay Patil
a car parked on the side of a road: 2018 BMW 630d GT review, test drive © Jay Patil 2018 BMW 630d GT review, test drive

Until very recently, the biggest chink in the BMW 6GT’s armour was the unavailability of a diesel variant. Now, with the introduction of the 630d, you can look beyond the Mercedes E-class for a comfortable and spacious luxury sedan with a diesel engine.

The new 630d gets the same 3.0-litre, six-cylinder, turbo-diesel engine used in the smaller 5-series 530d. It puts out 265hp and 620Nm of torque and is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. With a claimed 0-100kph time of 6.1sec, this big luxury sedan surely has the ability to take on well-established performance cars – and some sports cars, as well.

a car parked in a parking lot: 2018 BMW 630d GT review, test drive © Jay Patil 2018 BMW 630d GT review, test drive

Coming to the engine, it’s almost immediately evident that you’re in a diesel because of the distinct drone at idle. This soft clatter turns into a thrum as you gain speed and once you are in the mid-range, it converts into a rather raspy exhaust note. It is only at crawling speeds that you will feel the slight vibrations. What helps counter this is the automatic engine cut-off, which shuts down the engine when you’re stalled in peak-hour traffic or at a red light.

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That being said, the sheer grunt on offer just takes you aback. The 620Nm of torque is well spread out and the way it pulls is nothing short of exciting. At high speeds, refinement is excellent and you barely notice the speed inside the cabin. You have a choice of three engine modes – Eco Pro, Comfort and Sport – which alter performance accordingly. ‘Eco Pro’ is best-used in heavy traffic and to stretch that litre of fuel. ‘Comfort’ keeps the engine relaxed and gives you a sedate drive for when you want to let your chauffeur drive and enjoy the rear comfort. ‘Sport’ sharpens up the performance, for when you choose to drive. These modes can be customised to your taste; or you can simply push the ‘Adaptive’ button, which does all the thinking for you.

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However, this is a spacious luxury sedan. This means that for the most part, its prime role will be ferrying its owners between boardroom meetings and recreational clubs. For these occasions, space at the back is immense thanks to the 6-series’ long wheelbase. The seats, like the petrol version’s, can recline and have the pillow on top of the head restraint.

The cabin is identical to its petrol counterpart – everything you touch feels plush and well-built. The features list, though, is a lot longer, in comparison. It gets features like a 360-degree camera, Nappa leather upholstery, Harman Kardon sound, wireless charging, a smart key with remote parking functionality, and a colour head-up display.

Like the petrol, the 630d also has air springs for an extra layer of comfort, and while it’s excellent over undulations, you do feel the sharpness over broken roads and speed bumps. We drove the M Sport variant that gets the bigger 19-inch wheels, but the 630d is also available in a less-expensive Luxury Line variant; which misses out on the sporty additions of the M Sport, but is likely to be a bit more comfortable, thanks to the larger profile tyres.

The 630d GT is priced at Rs 66.50 lakh for the Luxury Line variant and Rs 73.70 lakh for the M Sport – the latter being the closest rival to the Mercedes E 350d (Rs 72.85 lakh). It does offer a credible option to the Merc and will let its owner enjoy rear-seat comfort as well as the occasional stint behind the wheel.

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