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BMW M4 Review - best supercar for India?

Motor Trend India logo Motor Trend India 16-07-2017 Somnath Chatterjee
IMG 7655 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 7655

Frustration. That is what I am experiencing right now and my playlist of 'calm down' ambient music is not helping matters. Thing is, I have got 425 horses under my right foot but at the moment all those horses are asleep considering the long line of vehicles in front of me. Gurgaon traffic is something all of us know and it is frustrating that its even there at 3 pm! And on top of that the heavily pregnant clouds seem to ready to deposit too. Great. Truth is the M4 is not very hard to drive but it is not like a 3 Series. The steering is not that light with some heft and the 7-speed DCT moves rather angrily at slow speeds, sulking plus there is no Park mode. Finally there is the stiff ride even in comfort mode. However visibility is no issue and its decked out with all the gadgets you need and want.

Bmw M4 Review Interior © Motor Trend Staff Bmw M4 Review Interior

The interior feels more special than a standard 3 Series as you might expect but some things like the dash and the lovely manual handbrake are carried over. However you have a new double-spoke M Sport leather steering wheel, bucket-style M sports seats (which are brilliant), M gearshift lever, M-design circular instruments with white graphics etc. There is no sunroof thanks to the carbon roof but on the other hand it is a genuine four-seater and the boot is decent as well. So far so good.

IMG 7672 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 7672

I come home and park the car, keeping the first proper drive for late night. Gosh it does look good, the M4, at night with its carbon roof and those sexy alloys, looks every bit the supercar you want it to look for the price. I think the M4 looks better than its M3 sedan sibling owing to its lowered roofline and wider hips which give it a proper supercar look. Just stunning.

Bmw M4 India Review © Motor Trend Staff Bmw M4 India Review

Start it up and it fires with typical supercar theatre with many revs and much noise. Rather nice. The talking point of the M4 has been its motor. Unlike its predecessor, there is no V8 instead it is back to a six-in-line engine, however now its turbocharged. The numbers are 425 bhp and 550 Nm. Both increased from previous gen and crucially now it has a very wide rev band (1,800-5,390 rpm) but it also revs to 7,600 rpm. Thus its have you cake and eat it too.

IMG 7521 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 7521

The motor is the clear highlight. There is no lag and the bombastic mid-range is also there but you can coax out max revs too. I doff my imaginary cap to these guys at BMW. It is perhaps one of the best turbocharged motors as it does not feel like one. Throttle response is sharp and it requires your maximum concentration. It also sounds proper with an M sport roar which makes you want to push it again and again. 0 to 100 km/h takes place in just 4.1 seconds and in no time it scoots up to its 250 km/h top-speed. I did not reach that speed but with just a feather of the throttle, the M4 reaches ludicrous speeds with ease and double ton comes up in no time. The Seven-speed M Double Clutch gearbox with launch control which makes good use of the power and is sharp with its gear changes and I rarely used paddles - so good the gearbox is.

IMG 7675 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 7675

The following morning I get up early (well, you would..) and go for a drive to check out the various modes. You have suspension modes like COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT+ modes plus you have modes for steering, gear changes etc. Another party piece is the Active M Differential which enhances traction.

IMG 7647 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 7647

Select the sportiest settings and the M4 is brimming with character. Steering is heavy but gives you a precise info on how the car is behaving. The front is just so sharp and it just darts into corners plus the brakes are just incredible. I read the M4 is difficult to drive with so much power and torque sent to the rear. Wrong. On bone dry tarmac you have immense fun and the cars gives you confidence to push more. There is enough grip and the steering is just delightful in filtering feel. Of course in the wet, the M4 is easy to slide and you can also lock the diff and be the drift king that you hope. When provoked the M4 is an angry car and that will bite but it is not unapproachable and scary.

IMG 7653 © Motor Trend Staff IMG 7653

Priced at Rs 1.3 cr, the M4 is my pick of the M range. Yes even over the mighty M5 or the M3. It is compact, relatively easy to drive but the engine is a masterpiece and the car is a delight to drive throwing up a challenge to its driver but not scaring in the process. It demands respect but also lets you explore its potential without killing yourself. The M4 thus represents the very best of BMW and that makes it special indeed.

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Photography- Rajeev Bhendwal

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