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Delhi Odd-Even: You can choose the registration number of your new car, but there's a catch

The Financial Express logo The Financial Express 14-11-2017 Ronak Shah

With the talks of Delhi Odd-Even formula making a comeback in the capital to battle the rising air-pollution, RTOs and dealers are getting a lot of queries especially from people opting for a second car to tackle Odd-Even by demanding a number of their choice. Heavy traffic jams, parking issues, rising pollution and the diesel ban has still seen a huge rise in new car sales in Delhi and as per a report by Delhi Police about 4.62 lakh new vehicles were registered in Delhi in 2016 and as of May 2017 there over 1 crore vehicles running on Delhi roads out of which about 31.71 lakh are passenger vehicles (Cars and SUVs).

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So can you choose the car registration number of your choice in Delhi? Can any car dealership help you to get a number of your choice? The answer is yes and no. Yes, You can get a car registration number of your choice and No, no new car dealership can help you to get the number of your choice. New vehicle registration process in Delhi and most of the states across India have become online and dealers now have to upload the documents on the internet and the allocation of the registration number is a dynamic and computerised process which allocates the number randomly and once assigned cannot be changed or removed. It is a fair and simple process that has allowed the new vehicle registration to be quick ensuring delivery in a day.

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So how do you get a car number of your choice?

There are two possible ways to get a number of your choice. The first one is to take the vehicle yourself to the RTO and after paying an amount of Rs 21,000 + Vehicle registration charges you will be given a sequence of numbers by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) from which you can choose the number you desire. This is a legal and most practiced way to get the nu mber of your choice but is expensive.

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The other way is what is called in a dealer language to get a VVIP number for which an e-Auction takes place for registration mark of choice. Recent results of the auction on the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt of India shows that the final auction price in Delhi ranges from Rs 21,000 to up to Rs 8.60 lakh for the desired number. With additional money there is a way around to get over laws like Odd-Even, the question is how much would one spend and at what cost.

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