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India car sales January 2018: Winners and Losers

Carwale logo Carwale 13-02-2018 Omkar Thakur

After a record 2017 with more than 3 million cars sold, 2018 has begun pretty much on a high note. Car sales in January 2018 seem to be up as compared to the previous year and we might see another record year in car sales. From our detailed analysis, here is a list of cars that have begun the new year with their foot on the throttle, while we also have quite a few who need to be choked.


Tata Tiago

This little car is turning out to be the Indica for Tata almost two decades later. While the Indica lent a new lease of life to Tata back then, the Indian giant squandered it over the years with some shoddy work at the top-level. But Cyrus Mistry, the now ousted chairman, has given Tata Motors the Tiago, the car which has laid a solid foundation again spearheading the sales numbers to become one of the top 5 sold A-segment cars in the past year.

Mahindra XUV500

Every now and then, the Mahindra XUV sees a spike in its sales figures and has been Mahindra’s star product for more than half a decade now. In spite of being almost exactly the same, except for the new headlamps, the XUV continues to be steady seller thanks to the Mahindra brand and the seven-seat option.

Toyota Innova Crysta

This is another steady seller in the Indian car market and brings in the numbers when the going gets tough, especially in the slow-moving periods. In spite of the price of the Innova going through the roof (the top-spec costs over Rs 30 lakh) the Innova is selling more units that ever before while the Hexa which is considerably cheaper, doesn’t even sell half of its numbers. 

India car sales January 2018: Winners and Losers © India car sales January 2018: Winners and Losers India car sales January 2018: Winners and Losers


Volkswagen Vento

The Volkswagen Vento has begun its journey to obsolescence with its numbers now nearing the 500 units per month mark. Because it has been exactly the same car for almost a decade now, the competition has moved two generations ahead adapting to the changing needs of the Indian car buyer. But one thing stays true and that is the unparalleled handling package the Vento offers and that is probably the reason why it still sells.

Mahindra Nuvosport

The Nuvosport never took off while the TUV, which is exactly the same underneath, has been selling generously for the car that it is. This clearly tells us that in this budget segment, people choose Mahindra cars for utility rather than looks, something that the brand needs to work towards changing, but gradually. Now in single digits, the Nuvopsort might soon bow out of the market.

Renault Lodgy

This capable people mover could never really get a grip in the Indian market. It might have something to do with its quirky French looks not suiting the Indian palate. Now down to two-digits in monthly sales, the unfortunate story of the Lodgy would come to an end unless Renault decides to give it another shot with a complete redesign.

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