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How to change gears and never miss another gear…

Practical Motoring logo Practical Motoring 26-12-2015 Robert Pepper

Ever selected fifth gear when you wanted third?  Had trouble getting second gear? Here are some tips you weren't taught at driving school.

MANUAL GEARBOXES do vary from car to car.  Some are light and easy with short gearshifts, others have long shifters you just can't rush. Regardless, it's entirely possible to mis-select a gear, but you can minimise the chances with this tip.

Simply, the rule is:

  • First and second - apply sideways pressure to the left, then up and down.
  • Third and fourth - apply NO sideways pressure, let the stick self-centre, and then move up and down.
  • Fifth and sixth - apply sideways pressure to the right, then up and down. 

To make life easier, don't hold the shifter knob at the top centre for gears 1,2 5 and 6, but cup your hand over the side of the shifter's knob so you naturally start to apply the pressure. 

For gears 3 and 4 again cup your hand but over the top.

Here are the rules:

shifter © Provided by Practical Motoring shifter

And here's what it looks like:

© Provided by Practical Motoring

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