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The biggest, meanest SUVs


They are big and heavy. Most of them are labelled as fuel 'guzzlers'. Still, they command a huge interest among four-wheeler buyers across the world. Car manufacturing companies are having a busy time rolling out bigger, meaner and sophisticated SUVs as demand for these are on a constant rise.

We have a small list showcasing SUVs and interesting facts about them from the world over.

Meet the Rexton: The new Mahindra SUV

The Rexton is a massive SUV but compared to the flabby predecessor, the new Rexton is much better looking though still having the hefty old school SUV proportions. Let’s take a look at some of its features: Meet the Rexton: The new Mahindra SUV

The meanest green cars

The environmentally “meanest” cars on the market: <p>In March 2017, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) scoured the automobile industry to find the greenest and meanest cars. For this study, the ACEEE considered not only the fuel economy of the vehicles, but also their full environmental impact, from the first steps of production to putting them on the road. As always, the models that top the “meanest” list are SUVs and utility vehicles. In brackets, you’ll find each vehicle’s green score (out of 100), as determined by the ACEEE.</p> The environmentally “meanest” cars on the market

12 hottest luxury SUVs and crossovers

You could take these vehicles off-road, but be honest: They're for rolling through the city in style. 12 Hottest Luxury SUVs and Crossovers

High-end, highly capable SUVs

Rugged Style: The continued popularity of sport-utility vehicles in America says a lot about who we are as a people. We seek adventure, appreciate the great outdoors and want the freedom to go where we choose, even though most of the time our SUVs are shuttling kids to soccer practice or hauling stuff home from big-box stores, rather than negotiating a remote forest road. As Americans, we also appreciate a vehicular freedom rich in creature comforts, because we don’t feel the need to suffer the indignity of too few cupholders, unheated seats and subpar in-vehicle entertainment. Fortunately, high-end SUVs ensure the needs of motivated Americans get satisfied — across town or along the Rubicon Trail — all in high style. High-End, Highly Capable SUVs

The rise of the urban crossover

Honey I shrunk the SUV: the rise of the urban crossover

15 years of BMW SUVs

BMW X cars: Not so long ago, the idea of BMW making an SUV seemed absurd. The German manufacturer was known for making cars that put driving enjoyment at number one, with most of its range sending power to the rear wheels. But now its X 4x4 division is massive – how has it taken off in such a short period of time? 15 years of BMW SUVs: in pictures

World’s fastest SUVs

World’s greatest fast SUVs - in pictures: Maserati has opened the doors to its new Levante SUV, becoming the latest sports car manufacturer to move off-road. Once the farmer’s friend, these days there is no shortage of performance SUVs to tick boxes you never knew existed - here we run through some of the fastest. World’s greatest fast SUVs

15 indestructible vehicles for surviving a desert drive

Ford Raptor 15 Indestructible Vehicles For Surviving a Desert Drive
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