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Uber charged this techie Rs 5,325 for a 6 km ride in Bengaluru: Report

The Indian Express logoThe Indian Express 06-05-2017

With cabs being available at beck and call in most cities, transport has certainly become easier! However, it has hatched a web of other problems such as security issues, trouble in pick up and drop at the right time and most of all, unjustified charges being levied from the passengers. One such bizarre incident occurred in Bengaluru when Praveen BS called for a cab to go to the Satellite bus stop at Mysuru Road from the city railway station, Bangalore Mirror reported.

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All was well, until the driver showed him a mammoth bill of Rs 5,325 at the end of the 6 km ride. Not only unfair, it was extremely illogical too. Narrating his gruesome experience, he told Bangalore Mirror: “I had to reach Mysuru early, but I missed the 3.30pm train and so decided to take a cab to reach the Mysuru Satellite Bus stand. I boarded the cab KA01G0590 at 4.30 pm. The bill amount showed Rs 5,352.” The driver told him that the current fare is Rs 103, and the rest was his previous balance.

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When he said that he will pay Rs 103 only as there might be a technical glitch in Uber’s system, the driver clearly said no. However, when Praveen insisted on not paying it, the driver called up the police control room, who asked them to get in touch with the jurisdictional police. Once there, they explained the entire situation and after a long wait, it was solved after Uber agreed it was an error in the system.

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The incident was extremely tragic for Praveen who claimed that “though the driver was trying to follow the rules, it was strange a commuter should be penalised for a tech glitch on the service provider.” He also sighed upon the fact that he could not go back home and had to get involved in the unnecessary formalities.

Meanwhile, the driver told the newspaper that he could do little as he was scared they would deduct the entire Rs 5,000 from his account. After the harrowing state of events, an Uber official reportedly said, “This was a technical error that was corrected, and we regret the frustration and inconvenience caused to the rider.”

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