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Drive your car with a remote: SAIC and Huawei develop 5G-based remote control

The Financial Express logo The Financial Express 16-07-2017 FE Online

© image While the world toils away at vehicular autonomy, Huawei has recently teamed up with automotive giant SAIC and China Mobile, and  have been testing something entirely different. They have been working on a remote based system for cars that allows a driver to take control of the vehicle from wherever they are.

What's more is that it's not like this technology is still in testing. Over the last few days, Huawei has even brought their tech out into the real world for a proper real world demonstration and that too in the hyper congested city streets of Shanghai.

The test also proved as a show of strength for Huawei's 5G wireless system, which was connected to SAIC Motor's MG-iGS smart intelligent car via a China Mobile high bandwidth network. Which is Huawei's books is the first ever field test of a consumer vehicle on the 5G bandwidth.

In the course of the test, the vehicle was put under the control of driver who was seated 30 kms from the vehicle through the help of several high definition video cameras installed in the vehicle which were sending real time high definition feeds to the driver in the form of a 240-degree field of  view of the vehicle's surroundings. That's  60 degrees more than an average person can look at without turning their head.

In terms of end-to-end latency, Huawei claim that their 5Gs ultra-high bandwidth provided flawless HD video connections between the driver and the vehicle in under 10 milliseconds, which not only allowed for immediate emergency braking but also provided support for instantaneous steering response. If you're wondering where the tech is likely to be useful Huawei claim that it will serve a very fundamental purpose in autonomous vehicle especially in emergency situations where sudden human inputs are required.

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