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Motorcycles could get 3D displays in the near future

Bikewale logoBikewale 10-09-2019 Anuj Mishra

- Bosch is working on a three-dimensional screen for four-wheelers

- Same technology will be implemented for motorcycles as well

- 3D displays make information appear clearer and faster

Motorcycles could get 3D displays in the near future © Anuj Mishra Motorcycles could get 3D displays in the near future The fancy and comprehensive instrument clusters on modern bikes are examples of rapidly developing motorcycle technology. After the analogue clocks were replaced by LCD displays on most two-wheelers, the latter has now made way for snazzier-looking TFT instrument clusters. Now, if reports are to be believed, 3D instrument consoles could be the next big change in motorcycles.Bosch, one of the largest automotive technology firms, has revealed on its official website that the brand is working on 3D displays for vehicles. Although the company posted this with respect to four-wheelers, the same technology trickling down to two-wheelers is inevitable. The basic role of a 3D dash, as per Bosch, is creating three-dimensional effects which are more realistic than those on flat screens and easier for the user to grasp information. 

a close up of a car © Provided by Automotive Exchange Private Limited

Besides looking attractive, 3D displays could also play a pivotal role in terms of safety. Icons notifying about an emergency or hazard would be more noticeable if they seem to pop out of the screen, in comparison to those flashed on 2D displays. The same setup could also be useful in terms of navigation as a depth of field can better indicate the turns, bridges and other elements on the way of the rider. 

A 3D display might sound like a theatrical setup which requires special glasses for a clear view. However, Bosch is working on passive 3D technology which negates the use of 3D glasses or eye-tracking. The company hasn’t disclosed any timeline for the introduction of 3D displays. However, given the detailed study Bosch has carried out on this technology, it would be just a matter of months before we see them in cars followed by motorcycles at a later stage.

Source – Bosch 

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