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Hyundai Tucson 4WD India Review

Motor Trend India logo Motor Trend India 10-04-2018 Motor Trend Staff
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We have always heaped high praise on the Hyundai Tucson and added it in on our list of best SUVs simply for its breadth of talents. We have loved its perfect size (not too big or small) which is boon to drive in city traffic, spacious and feature rich interiors, powerful 2.0L 182bhp diesel and a good ride. Yet amidst all this, it lacked one feature – 4WD. Now the fact that whether owners really use this feature is debatable but it is clear that bragging rights and our new found love for the outdoors and road trips has meant 4WD will be more of a calming effect to the mind that if the need arises, your SUV will handle the rough stuff. Thus it is no surprise that Hyundai had recently launched the 4WD variant of Tucson.

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Now the Tucson is not a hardcore off-roader but the added feature improves the dynamics even more than before. The Tucson gets an on demand 4WD system which basically means that you get power sent to all wheels when the front wheels sense the lack of wheel grip/traction while going off-road. However, you can also engage the 4WD system in lock which will keep on powering all 4 wheels with full traction at all terrains. FYI, with on-demand 4WD on, we got a decent fuel economy of around 10km/ltr during our test which is reasonably justified for its brisk performance and the fact that we drove it hard.

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What this 4WD results into?

Well, you can sense that the car offers superior road grip around corners and responses are a bit more on the ‘eager’ side. The car weighs a bit more than the 2WD version so that added weight improves the ride quality as it feels more stable over bad patches and broken surfaces. The low speed ride quality feels slightly better and it’s extremely planted at high speeds. Use the drive modes and put it in Sport which is when the Tucson really shrinks around you and you can actually drive this SUV really hard in a way you would not drive say a Creta or a big old school SUV.Apart from this, don’t expect this urban SUV to perform any of your special hardcore off-road duties since it is not meant for this. The extended front and rear overhangs of this SUV makes it suitable for mild off-roading only and frankly that’s what it’s made for and it is also beyond what its owners will use for.

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The fact remains unchanged that the Tucson is definitely one of the best self-driven SUVs available in our market at this price. It has got the right size, refined engine along with ease of driving thanks to its 6-speed automatic transmission and comfortable ride quality plus the newly added 4WD system will satisfy your ‘True SUV Emotion’ attached to it. Our only concern is the pricing of this 4WD variant for which you have to INR 25.3 lakh which is quite a bit more than the next in line 2WD variant (diesel) GL which is priced at INR 22.66 lakhs( Ex-showroom-Delhi).

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The reason for this difference is that the 4WD variant now replaces the earlier 2WD as top off the line diesel variant. The 4WD variant gets all comfort and premium features along with advanced features such as traction control, hill hold assist, downhill assist and electronic stability control and vehicle stability management which further enhances your driving experience. So, if you buying the Tucson diesel then our recommendation is to buy the 4WD variant only since you will get all the premium features which you will sorely miss if you opt for the 2WD variant and paying for that extra seems completely worth it because it’s not only the features but you also get the practical and ‘Ego Massage’ 4WD system. Even at this price the Tucson is cheaper than some of its direct rivals and thus for being a reliable and comfortable self driven SUV with diesel and automatic, the Tucson, frankly, has this area all to its own.

Words- Sunil Kumar Photos- Somnath Chatterjee

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