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Highly deplorable: Former army man lashes out at Richa Chadha over Galwan tweet

India Today 24-11-2022 India Today Web Desk
Highly deplorable: Former army man lashes out at Richa Chadha over Galwan tweet © Provided by India Today Highly deplorable: Former army man lashes out at Richa Chadha over Galwan tweet

Richa Chadha should have refrained from passing comment because "she probably does not know what Galwan is", Lt. Gen Sanjay Kulkarni (Retd.) told India Today TV. The actor faced massive backlash over her "Galwan says hi" tweet to a statement made by the Northern Army Command earlier in the day. She has since deleted the tweet and issued an apology, saying the remark was "unintentional".

However, Lt. Gen Kulkarni (Retd.) refused to accept the apology. He said: "I thought the statement was intentional and not for any other reason, because the subsequent statement where she has apologized to say that she withdrew her statement is indicative that now she has said that her grandfather had been a casualty of the 1962 war, her maternal uncle was a paratrooper. What great people they have been. I am sure she hasn't imbibed anything from them and she has also brought shame to her nearest family." 

"The statement is deplorable. Highly deplorable, condemnable and was totally avoidable. She didn't have to comment on a domain she is not familiar with and should have left matters to military professionals," he added.

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Defending the Northern Army Commander's statement, the former army man said: "The Northern Army Commander has only expressed his sentiment that he can take Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) back if required and if he is given orders to. And that should there be ceasefire violation, there will be retaliation. He has said nothing else. I don't think anybody should have commented or been sarcastic."

The Siachen hero blamed the media partially for the misinformation surrounding Galwan. "I would partly blame the media for the sarcasm (in Richa Chadha's tweet). Every now and then we say that the Indian Army lost 20 and the Chinese media seem to have said they have lost four. The Russians have said the Chinese lost over 70. The Americans have said they lost over 60. Everybody knows. But we are probably overwhelmed. This kind of propaganda where not a bullet was fired and the way we defended the Chinese were on the backfoot primarily because of Galwan. If they haven't moved an inch thereafter it is because of Galwan. It is the sacrifice of the soldiers. Not a bullet fired. Hand-to-hand fight with the Chinese who had all the negative intentions with the kind of weapons they had. And then to make such a sarcastic statement, I think the lady does not deserve any kind of sympathy," he said.


"It (the tweet) was totally avoidable - a statement by a Northern Army Commander on something for which he is there for. He has not said anything wrong. It was definitely sarcastic. I think you should not comment on something you are not familiar with," he said.

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Richa Chadha is being criticised over her alleged attempt to mock the Indian Army. Chadha wrote "Galwan says hi" as she shared a tweet of the statement of Lt. General Upendra Dwivedi that the Indian Army is ready to execute orders like taking back PoK.

The actor was slammed for 'mocking' the Indian Army and belittling the sacrifice of the jawans in the 2020 Galwan clash between India and China. Following this, she issued a public apology.

"Even though it can never be my intention in the least, if the 3 words which are being dragged into a controversy have offended or hurt anyone, I apologise and also say that it would sadden me if even unintentionally my words have triggered this feeling in my brothers in the fauj (army) of which my own Nanaji has been an illustrious part," Chadha said in her apology tweet.

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