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Best and worst pop films of all time

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One Direction's 'This Is Us' hits Indian screens on September 6

This Is UsThere are those who’ll scoff at any suggestion we should be taking One Direction seriously. After all, how can a band assembled just three years ago by Simon Cowell and his X Factor team be of significance? And yet a quick glance at their global sales figures will tell you that no matter how briefly their flame has burned thus far, it has burned so very brightly. Brighter than any boyband since… well, we’re not going to say their name but it begins with a ‘B’ and it isn’t Boyzone.A documentary about a group like 1D isn’t unusual. For that film to be given worldwide cinema distribution is. It means that millions, yes millions of fans will be willing to pay to see Harry Styles’ smile stretched 50ft wide. And in 3D. Zayn Malik’s quiff will be quite literally in your face.'This Is Us', which follows the Foxy Five’s rise to fame then further rise to hysteria-inducing mega stardom, has been directed by Morgan Spurlock, best known for his burger eating exposé Supersize Me. Critics have complained that the film is lacking in gritty details and shocking revelations. We imagine that’s because there aren’t any. Yet. Give them a few more years…But this’ll do for now. And who knows, maybe it’s the best pop film of all time ever? It’s definitely not the worst.Click on, to view the rest of the story.
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