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Cinema's sexiest cyborgs

By Maureen O'Hare Slide 1 of 10

Blade Runner's 30th anniversary

It's been 30 years since Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic 'Blade Runner' hit cinema screens, but the film's dark style and futuristic designs remain a benchmark in film, anime, video games and TV. The film is set in 2019 in a dystopian LA in which genetically engineered organic robots called replicants are manufactured to do the jobs humans don't want to do. The replicants are our submissive slaves, shaped in the form of our fantasies - but at the same time they are unknowable, dark and dangerous. From the Aryan excellence of rebel leader Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), to the erotic exoticism of 'basic pleasure model' Pris (Darryl Hannah) and the femme fatale allure of Rachel (Sean Young), the replicants are more perfect than we humans will ever be. Yet they have no soul.Join us as we look at the most seductive synthetics in cinema history.
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