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Hulk Hogan and other celebrity sex tapes

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Hulk Hogan reacts to sex tape release

In a slightly shocking twist in the hectic Hulk Hogan life story, it now appears that the brawny blonde reality TV star/wrestler has fallen victim to something many a star has before him: the release of a secret sex tape.A tape of Hulk (real name Terry Bollea) has reportedly been released - albeit a very grainy clip - with an unidentified brunette woman, and it was apparently recorded without his knowledge or permission. The 58-year-old has said that he is 'appalled' at its release.He also admitted that, in 2007 (around the time the sex tape was believed to have been filmed) after his divorce from wife Linda, he was "running wild for a few months" and that it "wasn't just one brunette" he slept with.Talking to TMZ, he also admitted that he couldn't be sure who it was in the tape with him; "I don't even remember people's names, much less girls.""Why would someone hold onto this for at least five years?" he asked, confused about its release now after such a long time.
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