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Movie richlist: Is Tony Stark the richest person in the movies?

By Daniel Bettridge Slide 1 of 11

We take a look at the richest movie characters in cinema history

Iron Man 3 crash lands into cinemas this week.The third and possibly final adventure of Marvel’s metallic hero sees Robert Downey Jr reprise his role as billionaire playboy turned sometime Avenger Tony Stark. With a Malibu beach house, a garage load of cars and an armoury full of individually tailored iron suits - it’s probably fair to say he’s got a few quid lying about. In fact research from estimated that it would cost north of $10billion to be Iron Man.But Tony Stark isn’t the only cash rich character to grace the silver screen.From tweenage tycoons to newspaper moguls via Wall Street bankers and fire breathing dragons, the fictional 1% is thriving. So in their honour join us as we look at some of cinema’s richest characters...
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