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Movie weddings we wish were true

By Emma Roberts Slide 1 of 9

Olivia Wilde and Chris Hemsworth get hitched!

It's the photo that will simultaneously break millions of hearts across the globe - the hottest superhero ever, Chris Hemsworth, getting hitched to the painfully beautiful Olivia Wilde. Life just isn't fair.Well, actually it is, as it turns out these glossy pictures of the Hemsworth-Wilde wedding were all taken on the set of their new movie. Phew, hunky Hemsworth is still up for grabs!Still, we can't help but feel that Chris and Olivia would make a fantastic couple in real life and a very small part of us secretly wishes that this wedding was true...We take a look at other movie weddings with couplings so perfect, we can't help but wish that they happened in reality...
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