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The Wolverine and other animals which should be superheroes

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The Wolverine and other animals which should have superheroes made after them

We know what you're thinking: 'Why is there a picture of Marvel's fearsome Wolverine against a snap of a cute teddy-bear creature?' Well, believe it or not, the fluffy animal is actually a real life Wolverine.Nope, it's not how we imagined it'd look either!In fact, if anything, we'd think the cute critter in the above picture's only superpower would be to give awesome cuddles.It may look like a bear, but the wolverine is actually the biggest member of the weasel family. Yep, you read right - Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is actually based on a weasel.Still, that doesn't stop the wolverine from being extremely powerful - it's known for killing prey much bigger than itself. Phew, it is tough after all!To celebrate The Wolverine hitting the silver screen, we take a look at other animals which should have superheroes created in their honour - plus we take a look at who could play them on the big screen...Click on to read more on this feature...
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