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The Wolverine Skype chat: behind the scenes with Hugh Jackman & James Mangold

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MSN's The Wolverine live Skype chat: Jenni Falconer, Hugh Jackman and James Mangold

We held a live Skype webchat with star of The Wolverine Hugh Jackman and the film’s director James Mangold. Check out pictures of the live interview and the MSN crew behind the scenes!It was definitely one of the most exciting days of our summer so far: Hugh Jackman and James Mangold came in for a live Skype chat with some of their biggest fans from around the world!Check out pictures of The Wolverine star and director, as well as the host of the interview Jenni Falconer, plus some behind the scenes snaps of the set-up and the crew.It’s a big task pulling together a half-hour live interview over the internet and we’re glad you could all take part to ask your questions!Things we learned from the live chat: If Hugh Jackman HAD to play another superhero, it would be Magneto. When at the gym training, Hugh listens to AC/DC and Midnight Oil on his workout playlist. “I’m an Aussie boy in the gym!” he says. Hugh got his strict diet and workout plan from Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Director James Mangold thinks that people react well to The Wolverine – Logan – because “he is kind of like all of us in a way. He’s a bigger version of what our feelings are.” Hugh doesn’t run anymore due to a previous injury. Hugh reckoned that three weeks of training before he first played Wolverine would be enough! We think he learned his lesson. Hugh is “blessed” to play Wolverine.
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