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TIFF's most shocking moments

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Controversy is always on the docket at TIFF time

The Toronto International Film Festival just wouldn't be the same if every year there wasn't some sort of controversy. From explicit content to stars behaving badly, it's inevitable some kind of drama is going to happen when you have this many famous folks in town to party, premiere and promote. Recently, it was tears for Jennifer Connelly at the press conference for opening-night gala Creation, in which she starred alongside husband Paul Bettany. The pair ditched out of the film's official after-party, causing media scorn and allegedly some vengeful behaviour from John Riley, President of television networks for Astral Media (the opening night sponsor): he reportedly held up photos of the starlet in front of party guests and ripped them in half, saying, "This is my former favourite actress," according to Sun Media. Connolly broke down later at the press conference, explaining she had left early because it was the anniversary of her father's death. And if that's not enough drama for you, that same year's festival also featured a robbery (an Italian film director's script and the equivalent of $12,000 in cash were nabbed from the Four Seasons Hotel); political controversy (there was international protest against the festival's decision to highlight Tel Aviv in its City to City program); and alleged lies (Neil Young's "cancellation" of his trip to TIFF turned out to be a "misunderstanding" - he was never confirmed to appear). In light of TIFF's usual drama, we're taking a look back at TIFF's most controversial moments. Try not to get offended.
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