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Top 10 muscle movies

By Daniel Bettridge Slide 1 of 11

We take a look at the muscliest movies of all time

Michael Bay has taken a break from directing slow-mo explosions and CGI robots to deliver his new comic crime caper Pain & Gain. The movie, which is actually based on a true story, stars Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson as members of the Sun Gym Gang – a group of bodybuilders who turned bulging deltoids to a life of crime.As you might expect from a one-time Calvin Klein model and a former professional wrestler, the duo were ripped for their roles, with Wahlberg reportedly munching on up to 10 meals a day in order to gain the 40 pounds of muscle mass the movie called for.They’re not the first actors to bulk up for the big screen however; in fact film history is littered with stars who have amped up their physiques on film. So in their honour join us as we look at some of the best buff blockbusters with our rundown of the 10 muscliest movies of all time.
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