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Why Do All Recent Wedding Pictures Of Bollywood Celebrities Look Exactly The Same?

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Yet another wedding season is upon us. This means making multiple trips to boutiques and markets to get that picture-perfect look.

For this, many of us go looking for inspiration from celebrities’ social media handles. After all, they have access to some of the country’s best designers and make up artists.

What better place to look for some wedding inspiration and create a budget-friendly version than the social media accounts of stars?

However, lately, it seems that Bollywood celebs have also run out of ideas.

Be it Katrina-Vicky, Alia-Ranbir or Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul’s wedding yesterday — everyone seems to look the same.

© Athiya Shetty © Provided by MensXP © Athiya Shetty

I can’t help but feel that, after copying movies, now, Bollywood has also started copying wedding looks without wanting to do anything different.

Keep a picture of all these couples’ wedding pictures side-by-side and you’ll notice how similar they look. It’s like they all went to the same stylist and decided to match their wedding looks for some inside joke we’ll never understand.

Well, the joke is on them because they’ve started looking identical in their pictures.

© Anushka Sharma © Provided by MensXP © Anushka Sharma

Of late, every celebrity wedding picture seems to have the same look — beige or pastel pink outfits and similar poses where they all seem to be either laughing at a joke or gazing into each other’s eyes as I look at a plate of Biryani.

And somehow, they always have a picture ready to release within a few minutes of the ceremony concluding.

Meanwhile, we have to wait for months to even get a sneak peek at our own wedding pictures and videos.

© Katrina Kaif © Provided by MensXP © Katrina Kaif

When it comes to wedding outfits, beige is the new red.

Peach, pastel pink, beige — these are the colours couples are opting for in their lehengas, sarees and sherwanis. Brides are opting for a more subdued and nude colour palette to make it look like a ‘simple and sober wedding,’ while guests sip on the finest liquor at some of the most gorgeous and expensive destinations.

Ironic, right?

© Reuters © Provided by MensXP © Reuters

If I were to ever remotely suggest that I wanted an off-white wedding lehenga with subdued colours, my mother would give me a death stare till I walked towards the nearest bright lehenga. “It’s a wedding, not a funeral,” she’d say.

In fact, the lehengas celebrities wear for different events on a regular day look more festive than their own wedding attire.

Be it Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor or Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif, every Bollywood couple has similar poses in their wedding photoshoot.

Granted, there are a few common poses in every photographer’s kitty that he asks all couples to do.

However, when you add a similar colour palette and the fact that most of these pictures are taken at golden hour for the best lighting — they tend to look almost identical.

© Alia Bhatt © Provided by MensXP © Alia Bhatt

Gazing at each other with love, laughing at the pandit, faces pressed together at just the right angle so that the setting sun peeks through a small gap — literally, every celebrity wedding photoshoot has these pictures, especially those they put on social media right after the wedding.

© Athiya Shetty © Provided by MensXP © Athiya Shetty

We spent our whole lives hearing our parents and relatives talking about the woes of booking a banquet hall or hotel for the wedding rituals.

Today, everyone wants open-air hawan for pheras because, “photo achi aani chahiye! (the photos should be good)”

As if remakes weren’t enough, Bollywood has also lost its originality when it comes to planning their own weddings.

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