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Why we're wild about Olivia Wilde

By Marshall Julius Slide 1 of 11

To celebrate the Indian release of Olivia Wilde's new movie 'Rush', we take a look back at the actress' Hollywood career

There are so many sides to Hollywood star Olivia Wilde, although the actress has in the past described herself as a world-class nerd, she’s less a square than she is a hexagon.Luminously beautiful with chiselled features and eyes that sparkle like diamond-encrusted stars, she’s smart as a whip, funny as hell, fearless, philosophical and with eight movies bearing her name in 2013 alone, more prolific than even Jessica Chastain.To mark the release of Ron Howard’s 'Rush', one of the eight and a masterful re-creation of the epic rivalry between Formula One hotshots James Hunt and Niki Lauda, here we present a celebration of the life and times of Miss Olivia Wilde.Click on, to know more Olivia Wilde.  
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